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Are Smokeless Cigarettes Safe?

Posted by Jonathan Johnson on

The Second Best Idea

In the very wise words of mister Justin Timberlake, with his friend from The Lonely Island’s clever little ditty entitled Motherlover, “it’s time for a switch-a-roo.” For longer than you and your mom have been alive (your ages as individuals or your combined ages, it’s still a true statement either way), people have been sparking up and sucking back smoke from tobacco cigarettes. It’s a weird thought, considering how just about every other aspect of society has changed for the better as time has progressed. These old school tobacco cigarettes have had their packaging changed, been rebranded time and time again, but their health hazards haven’t been locked down. Only now is there some healthy competition for nasty old out of date tobacco cigarettes. You may be wondering, are smokeless cigarettes safe? When their brilliant creators looked at the many proven dangers of tobacco they decided to strive to answer the question of “are smokeless cigarettes safe” with a resoundingly affirmative answer! In the minds of those discussing the topic, comparing the thousands of harmful chemicals and dozens of carcinogens with the totally pure nicotine and vapor emission of a smokeless cigarette, it looks as though the, are smokeless cigarettes safe discussion is heading in the right direction. When you are trying to find out for yourself, are smokeless cigarettes safe, consider a few things first; are burning objects usually hazardous, are carcinogens good news, and what do you want from your cigarette?


Slow Burn to No Burn

Police and Firefighters tell the public that when you see smoke, you should be alarmed. People are now training their children to yell, “Fire!” instead of any other alert, if they are under attack or being abducted, because fire and smoke endanger everyone, not just the person seeking help. Burning cigarettes are bad for the health of users, the health of people in their immediate vicinity, as well as the air, water, and earth. When designers thought about are smokeless cigarettes safe, they considered the dangers posed by tobacco smoke, and tried to eliminate them. The designers must have been mother lovers, as well as lovers of all kinds of people and the environment because they took the question are smokeless cigarettes safe, and created something that wouldn’t emit the dirty chemicals produced by smoking cigarettes. Are smokeless cigarettes safe for the environment? They can be made from way more environmentally friendly materials than old school ash making cigarettes that litter cigarette butts. Cigarette butts that are not properly disposed of can wind up in waterways and be eaten by innocent little fishes and animals who have no way to discern what kind of danger they’re putting themselves in by consuming them. The environmental answer to, are smokeless cigarettes safe, is simple! They can be refilled and recharged, and don’t create ash or cigarette butts, which puts them way ahead of their competition.


Carcinogens Are Bad

Yes, folks, carcinogens are bad. This is important information, but it certainly isn’t news. Carcinogens exist in the environment in scant amounts here and there, but tobacco cigarettes make most of those look like antioxidants when compared to the dangers from cigarette smoke. Now that science people in their pretty white lab coats have determined, once and for all, that cigarettes are unhealthy, people are asking, are smokeless cigarettes safe, and one of the best answers is that they are totally non-flammable! The dangers of smoking are heavily associated with the inhalation of smoke, whether secondhand or straight from the cigarette. Their smokeless nature makes, are smokeless cigarettes safe, an easy consideration. They’re smokeless, which means you and the people around you won’t be exposed to smoky filth from traditional cigarettes when you take a puff on your e-cig. Feel good about the pure vapor with nicotine infusion, because it’s clean and smokeless. What Do You Want? Do you want to burn holes in your clothes, couch, or car seat? You probably don’t want to burn holes in things at all, unless you’re doing it for artistic expression, which still may be a little messy and hazardous. Too many house fires have been caused by tobacco cigarettes that were left burning. When asking, are smokeless cigarettes safe, consider the fact that they’re non-flammable. They won’t burn holes in any of your belongings, or if you’re talking with your hands and get a little carried away, they can’t burn you or your friends either! E-cigs have what you want, but not what you don’t!

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