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Smokeless Electronic Cigarette

Posted by Jonathan Johnson on

Naughty Or Nice

Everyone knows the signs. It may be your busy body buddy who is starting to twitch and itch for his next cigarette. You may even be the person who is catching yourself jumping down a friend or loved one’s throat because you’re due to go have a cigarette. When Santa looks at his naughty and nice list, which will you be on? Were you poised and even keeled and kind every chance you got, or were there a few, okay several, or even many instances where you snapped because you needed your next cigarette and couldn’t have it? Leave the naughty list and get something nice! Smokeless electronic cigarette users are able to meet their nicotine need without some creepy patch or stinky stale gum. Freely enjoy a puff of pleasant and pure vapor infused with nicotine from your smokeless electronic cigarette when and where you want or need to without restriction. Don’t push yourself to the edge of sanity, to your last nerve, over the edge of reason to a place where it’s hard to be rational and nice. When you start feeling that need, no matter where you are or who you’re with, you can pull your smokeless electronic cigarette from your purse pocket or drawer at home. Freedom to be a regular on the nice list, and completely avoid getting even close to the edge let alone going over can be found with the simple click of the mouse. Keeping cool as a cucumber is simple when you keep a smokeless electronic cigarette nearby.

Keep It Right

Shopping for a pack of cigarettes is a nuisance. There always comes that time when your pack is getting low and you feel anxiety just thinking about having to find a grocery store or liquor store that will have your brand. What’s worse is when you’re actually completely out of cigarettes and find that not only are you quickly approaching the edge or reason, but you also have to plan an outing exclusively to go get that one little thing that will satisfy your need. Just one smokeless electronic cigarette can hold the equivalent of nearly two packs of cigarettes. You know when you’re running low, and ordering online is as easy as getting more e-liquid to refill your cartridge, or get cartomizers which are atomizer/cartridge combos in one easy, disposable piece. The arrival of the smokeless electronic cigarette is completely revolutionizing the industry, and giving smokers power over their lives again. The restoration of freedom for smokers to get their nicotine needs met at their own convenience when and where they choose is a huge victory for smokers the world over.

Vaping On Your Terms

Once you make the switch to your smokeless electronic cigarette, there is no more lurking awkwardly outside in smoking areas while your friends enjoy the inside of a restaurant or music venue. No dirty looks or dealing with the judging eye of that friend who keeps pressuring you to give up your simple pleasure of smoking. You may like the taste, you may enjoy the act of bringing the cigarette to your mouth and feeling like you’re in control of your universe while that glowing tip indicates you’re about to feel so much more at ease. You can have every one of those simple pleasures with a smokeless electronic cigarette, and so much more. As part of your program to quit smoking, a smokeless electronic cigarette can greatly improve your quality of life in many ways. People who quit smoking tobacco cigarettes see increased lung function, stamina, endurance, athletic performance, and cardiovascular health. The beauty benefits of becoming smoke free are numerous as well! A smokeless electronic cigarette won’t damage your hair, skin, breath, and clothes the way traditional cigarettes do. Tobacco cigarettes are known to compromise health of smokers and those who inhale secondhand smoke by causing some kinds of cancers, as well as introducing toxins into the system that speed along the aging process prematurely. People who stop using tobacco cigarettes are less likely to see premature sagging and drooping of skin due to collagen loss, and won’t experience the deep wrinkles that are so prevalent on the faces, hands, and bodies of tobacco smokers. Smokeless electronic cigarette also won’t stain your fingers, fingernails, or teeth the way traditional tobacco cigarettes do.

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