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Smokeless Cigarettes Side Effects

Posted by Jonathan Johnson on

Riding Dirty

Many states have passed legislation requiring all vehicles over a certain age to pass a smog inspection as a condition of vehicle registration.  Smog testing ensures that vehicles will not be more negatively impactful on the environment than necessary.  Many drivers postpone smog testing, or find ways around it.  It is completely illegal (and therefore a very bad idea), but some vehicle owners choose to bring their unkempt vehicle to a shady mechanic and pay an extra (under the table, because, again, it is illegal and ill advised) to receive a falsified report stating that their vehicle passed inspection.  Owners are required by law in these states to keep their vehicles running at a minimum level of good function to reduce environmental pollution.  Dingy, dirty, polluted air is highly dangerous and impacts all aspects of our environment.  When it rains, the dirty, polluted air pollutes the rain.  The polluted rain that falls is bad for all forms of life, and all life cycles, and further cycles pollution into the soil, reservoirs, and ground water systems.  Side effects of letting your vehicle fall into disrepair (which probably was not the original interpretation of the phrase, ‘riding dirty,’ but if the shoe fits…) are widespread and harmful to more than just the fuel economy, general function, and life span of your vehicle.  Smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is pollution for your body, as is breathing secondhand smoke.   The smokeless cigarettes side effects are less like riding dirty, and more like choosing a hybrid over a clunker.  Smokeless cigarettes side effects will not pollute your body with smoke, nor anybody else’s body.  

Pure Body

Keep your engine running clean with smokeless cigarettes side effects minimizing power.  Your body is not built for processing the harmful, toxic chemicals or carcinogens that are made by old fashioned tobacco cigarette smoke.  Smokeless cigarettes side effects may include increased sense of convenient living, a better smelling existence, and smokeless cigarettes side effects may even include positive responses from your loved ones and more free time.  The truth is that smokeless cigarettes side effects are going to benefit everyone differently.  Some people will find a newfound freedom as one of their smokeless cigarettes side effects, because smokeless cigarettes can be used inside or outside at the time and place of the user’s choosing.  There is no need to go outside and find a smoking area, because smokeless cigarettes side effects are not threatening to expose anyone to old fashioned cigarette smoke.  Users exhale pure, clean vapor, which will not bother or harm them.

Clean Convenience

Those who switch may experience smokeless cigarettes side effects like increased convenience in their lives.  The time wasted leaving the party or dinner table or reunion to go find someplace to smoke will not be a loss with smokeless cigarettes side effects.  Users may also find that smokeless cigarettes side effects will not leave a nasty funky stench soaked into the very fibers of their clothing, accessories, hair, or their friends’ clothes, hair, etc.  The clean vapor from smokeless cigarettes will not leave a stench on you, in your home, or hanging in the air for some unsuspecting passer by to stumble into.  You can use it out in the world or in the privacy and comfort of your own home without having to worry about carrying a lighter or inconveniencing friends with your stinky habit that endangers your health and theirs because smokeless cigarettes side effects also may include a diminished desire to smoke old fashioned cigarettes.  If your body is getting the nicotine it wants, and your brain is getting the calming experience of holding and fidgeting with a cigarette and bringing it up to your lips to take a drag, why on Earth would you ever expose yourself to the harm of cigarettes ever again?  There is no need for old school tobacco cigarettes once you know about smokeless cigarettes side effects potential to augment your quality of life.  Moving in the intelligent, and technologically and scientifically advanced direction is the right choice.  Respecting yourself and your friends and loved ones is always the right choice.  Protecting yourself and your favorite people from the harmful pollutants and carcinogens found in traditional tobacco cigarette smoke is the right choice.  Meet your potential, and achieve a cleaner life when you leave tobacco cigarettes behind.

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