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Organic Vapor Electronic Cigarettes

Posted by Jonathan Johnson on

Allmost everyone has heard of vapor electronic cigarettes. It is not uncommon to hear the term anymore because it is talked about everywhere. We see ads, commercials, talk shows, the evening news talking about the new trend. But is it really just a trend? Or are vapor electronic cigarettes here to stay?

Vapor electronic cigarettes have been around since the early 2000’s, although the idea of them a few decades prior but was never popularized and virtually disappeared. In the whole scheme of things, this is a relatively new invention! At this day and age, we weren’t around for the printing press, or the worlds first automobile, but we have been around to see cell phones become household objects, cars equipped with internet, and now, vapor electronic cigarettes.

Vapor electronic cigarettes are replacing normal cigarettes at a very fast pace. People who want to quit, the normal, conventional cigarette turn to vapor electronic cigarettes.  It is not a secret what is put into regular cigarettes. Although we don’t know the exact recipe, the ingredients are made public. Some of the ingredients include butane, methane, ammonia, arsenic, paint and methonal. Arsenic is poison! And I use ammonia to clean my bathroom and wear gloves while doing it! Why these ingredients made it into the modern cigarette is baffling when just a few decades before, people used to roll their own cigarettes. Tobacco crops have always been a big business in the Americas. But people don’t have time to roll their own cigarettes and have modernized their palette for a different taste. People are switching to vapor electronic cigarettes because of the convenience and the endless choices to customize it and really make it what you want.

The term is not so uncommon anymore but not a lot of people really understand how organic vapor electronic cigarettes work. The key diferrence between a normal cigarette and organic vapor electronic cigarettes is that a regular cigarette uses smoke or fume to deliver nicotine into your body(along with thousands of other ingredients that are along for the ride) while vapor electronic cigarettes use vapor, which is just very tiny liquid particles suspended in air. So how is the nicotine delivered in vapor electronic cigarettes? The answer is in the vaporThe nicotine is liquid gets turned into a vapor that you can then inhale. Vapor electronic cigarettes have a few different parts. The part that turns the liquid into vapor is called the atomizer. The atomizer takes the liquid from the cartridge and turns it into the vapor. The cartridge is also the piece that you put up to you mouth. But how is it powered? Oorganic Vapor electronic cigarettes are powered by small rechargeable batteries that are attached to the end of it. Some electronic cigarettes also have a red LED light at the end of it that lights up when in use to give it some aesthetics and to make switchers feel like not too much is different besides the obvious benefits. Newer, more modernized vapor electronic cigarettes combine the cartridge and the atomizer into one chamber and call it the cartomizer.

So I keep talking about this liquid nicotine. Liquid nicotine is what you need to use in order to make vapor electronic cigarettes work. The liquid nicotine is highly rated over at  The liquid nicotine can come in almost any flavor you can think of. And not only can it come in almost any flavor, you can combine flavors to make your own, unique flavor. AND you can pick the level of nicotine you want your liquid to contain. You actually even have the option of choosing no nicotine liquid for organic vapor electronic cigarettes! Or, if you want the nicotine but you aren’t fond of the flavor, then you have the option of buying liquid nicotine without flavor. Do you even comprehend the amount of possibilities you have with organic vapor electronic cigarettes? You have the power to customize yours to make it your very own. has start up kits that contain everything you need and they make it easy for you to get started on switching over to vapor electronic cigarettes, depending on your smoking style. I don’t think vapor electronic cigarettes are just a trend anymore. With the amount of people switching, it is safe to say that vapor electronic cigarettes are here to stay.

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