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Organic Nicotine Smokeless Cigarette

Posted by Jonathan Johnson on

Healthy is Hot

European law makers have put a weight limit on their models. This regulation made a big splash in the fashion world, and was a very clear statement to designers, models, and men and women everywhere. A statement like this may never have hit the beauty industry with such force and intensity. Unhealthy and deadly lifestyle choices would no longer be tolerated as a means to be “runway ready.” Industry leaders had turned a blind eye to self starvation and other drastic means as methods for weight loss and weight control for decades, and that in itself was a powerful message. Male and female models were, and are both subject to insane scrutiny as part of their job, and they have been chosen for their industry as the ultimate in male and female beauty. Mainstream ideas of what is beautiful, desirable, and sexy had been largely dictated by a very narrow set of impossible standards, and this new regulation on the fashion industry blew the skeletal stick bugs right out of their stilettos. There is a weight minimum depending on a model’s height and build. If they weigh too little, they are not allowed to work until they are within a healthy range. This regulation is very exciting for healthy, normally sized people all over the world. Healthy living should be praised in all fields, especially the beauty and fashion industries. Society as a whole is moving away from the outdated idea that health can be secondary to all other things, which has sparked innovation in many fields. More easily accessible healthy food choices are appearing on fast food menus. Health food stores are not necessarily the most expensive stores anymore, and technology has been adapted and utilized to create more options for smokers, too. Instead of the same stale tobacco cigarettes that are known the world over for their numerous health hazards, smokers can move in a different direction toward a nicotine smokeless cigarette. When you choose your organic nicotine smokeless cigarette over traditional tobacco cigarettes, you can save time, money, and quitting smoking can save your life!

Tic Toc

No, this is not a Ke$ha song, it is a reminder that every moment of your day is precious. Every tic and toc of your watch or wall clock that passes by under utilized is a terrible waste. Time is a precious asset that once wasted can never be recovered. Smokers waste hours and days over their lifetime of excusing themselves from important life events, work, or good times with friends to go outside to smoke a cigarette. People who use nicotine smokeless cigarette options are free to use them inside the theatre, bar, restaurant, or reception hall without upsetting or offending anyone, and without breaking any laws! The nicotine smokeless cigarette is equipped with clean systems. A rechargeable battery, canister of liquid nicotine solution, and a micro atomizer are all nestled within a reusable nicotine smokeless cigarette. Its process is activated when the user takes a draw from the mouthpiece, and the nicotine smokeless cigarette creates a vapor to be enjoyed by the user, and then exhaled in the form of a delicate cloud of harmless water vapor. Don’t miss the joke that everyone will be laughing at for years to come because you’re outside smoking. Never miss that epic, game changing three-pointer because you were outside sparking up your obsolete tobacco cigarette. Watch the bride toss her bouquet into a pile of seething marriage obsessed women, which you may have missed if you were outside smoking. Using a nicotine smokeless cigarette is easy, and enables users to enjoy their life and enjoy the act of smoking at the same time, except without ever exposing themselves to smoke again.

Smokeless for Life

Extensive studies have been done on people who choose to stop using tobacco cigarettes, and the numerous health benefits of not smoking are easily observable and ongoing. People who pass on the tobacco cigarettes see improved lung function and cardiovascular health, improved stamina and athletic performance, and many other observable and internal health benefits. Using a nicotine smokeless cigarette will not expose you to smoke! Each organic nicotine smokeless cigarette, whether reusable or disposable, is battery operated and uses a micro atomizer to aerosolize a liquid nicotine solution. There is no combustion as part of the process, so using a nicotine smokeless cigarette is not going to expose the user or their company to harmful cigarette smoke directly or in the form of secondhand smoke. When you choose a nicotine smokeless cigarette, you’re choosing a freer life that is yours to enjoy on your own schedule. Make a nicotine smokeless cigarette your next great decision.

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