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Organic Electronic Vapor Cigarettes

Posted by Jonathan Johnson on

Lets talk technology. Technology is a great thing. It advances our society and although the concept of some technology is over our heads and a bit complicated, it can acutally simplify our everyday lives or even save our lives! Look at all the advanced machines that can detect or look for cancer, or the tiny tools that can be used to do laproscopic surgeries. Hey, even the dishwasher and wash machine is technology that has improved our way of life. And now we are sending rovers to mars and being able to look up anything in the palm of our hand, on our smart phone, while in the middle of nowhere.

Technology not only applies to those things mentioned above. Technology has made its way to cigarettes. We don’t really think of technology when it comes to smoking our cigarettes. We light up, inhale and that’s it. But now, we can have a smokeless cigarette thanks to technology. Organic electronic vapor cigarettes are the latest thing to hit the market and are being picked up by people everywhere. The concept of electronic cigarettes has been around since the early 2000’s but just made a big hit a few years ago and is bigger than ever today.

Organic electronic vapor cigarettes are smokeless! Through the latest, advanced technology, we now have on the market, a cigarette that doesn’t have to be lit and smoked to ingest the nicotine. Organic electronic vapor cigarettes use an atomizer to turn liquid nicotine into a vapor! No smoke. No fume. Just pure vapor.

Lets dive a little deeper into how the technology on organic electronic vapor cigarettes work. Since it is electronic, we know that it is operated by some sort of power. The power is provided by a rechargeable lithium battery. And yes, the battery is small enough to fit inside a normal sized cigarette shape. So what is the battery giving power to? It is giving power to the atomizer. An atomizer turns a liquid into a vapor. The atomizer on organic electronic vapor cigarettes is turning liquid nicotine into a vapor that you can inhale. And the liquid nicotine is held inside the cartridge which is also the piece that gets put to your mouth. Instead of having to get out your lighter, and essentially burn your cigarette to create smoke to inhale, you simply turn on the electronic cigarette and breathe in and the device does everything else to deliver the perfect amount of nicotine.  That’s how easy organic electronic vapor cigarettes are!

I have a funny story to share with you all. I had recently switched to organic electronic vapor cigarettes after a friend had let me try his while out at a concert one night because I had forgot my smokes. It was such a good flavor that I ordered one the next day from After I had received my start-up kit, I threw away my last pack of smokes. I was walking my dog at the nearby park after work and I “lit up” (turned on) one of my organic electronic vapor cigarettes. I overheard some couple not too far away from me talk about something that smelled so good, like vanilla icecream. Little did they know that the smell was coming from my electronic cigarette. I had just bought the vanilla flavor to try and not only did it taste so sweet and smooth, it smelled just as nice. That’s the great thing about organic electronic vapor cigarettes. They don’t smell bad! No harsh smoke smell, no fume. Well, the same day, I had a lady come up to me, who seemed a bit grumpy and tell me that I shouldn’t be smoking cigarettes in the park because it was against the law and that I should know better because of how dry it was and there was an extreme fire danger that day. Then I told her how my cigarette wasn’t an actual cigarette but one of those organic electronic vapor cigarettes. She had nothing to say after that because vapor electronic cigarettes aren’t classified as a regular cigarette and can be used in places that regular cigarettes are banned. And they aren’t a threat to fire warnings because there isn’t any fire used to make it work.

Thanks to technology, we now have a different way of using a cigarette.  No smoke, No tar, No resctricitons on where you can use it. Organic electronic vapor cigarettes are here to stay!

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