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Electronic Cigarettes with Organic Nicotine

Posted by Jonathan Johnson on

The Electronic cigarettes with organic nicotine level can vary depending on what suits your lifestyle.  That’s not even available for your regular conventional cigarette. Imagine this; being able to choose how much nicotine you would like to have in your cigarette while still being able to enjoy the flavor or type of cigarette you like. Well, folks it can’t happen with conventional cigarettes. With electronic cigarettes, you get to choose exactly how you want it. They are customizable to fit your needs. Are you a heavy smoker? Do you smoke cigars? Do you like menthol? Do you want to be nicotine free? You can have an electronic cigarette tailored to each one of these scenarios. 

 Electronic cigarettes with organic nicotine level depends on you. Can you choose the nicotine level for your conventional cigarette? We all know the answer is no. If you buy a pack of cigarettes, it comes standard with whatever levels of nicotine the manufacturer provided. A regular cigarette has tobacco which gives the nicotine. And not only does it have tobacco but it also has a bunch of other fillers. It has been made public and common knowledge that all the extra stuff in a cigarette is not good and actually really harmful to our bodies; Arsenic, ammonia, stearic acid are just a few of the thousands of ingredients they put into cigarettes. If it’s the nicotine in tobacco that we ultimately want, then why do we need all of those other fillers?

With an electronic cigarette, there is only a liquid that gets vaporized through an atomizer. You aren’t inhaling a fume or smoke. It’s just a vapor. The liquid contains flavor and nicotine. That’s it. So the nicotine gets vaporized and that’s how you inhale it. And the Electronic cigarettes with organic nicotine level can be higher or lower depending on what liquid you want.

iVapeOrganic.com has dozens and dozens of different flavors. Say you like the vanilla flavor. You can go to their website and click on the “e-liquids” and scroll down to vanilla. Once you click on vanilla flavor it will show you the different sizes you can buy ad the strength of the nicotine you want. If you are a heavy smoker and just switched over to an electronic cigarette, then you would probably choose the high strength, which is 24 mg per bottle. The levels come in high, medium and low. Some liquid flavors also come in nicotine free. This is a great option if you enjoy the act of smoking a cigarette but made the decision to cut out nicotine. Your Electronic cigarettes with organic nicotine is whatever you want it to be.

Some people who aren’t really familiar with how electronic cigarettes work don’t really understand if they will still get the delivery of nicotine that their regular cigarette provides for them. And the answer is yes and then some. Not only can you choose how much you want your Electronic cigarettes with organic nicotine strength to be, you can also choose what flavor you want. And if you don’t want a flavor at all, then fine. Don’t get a flavor, just choose the Unflavored option from iVapeOrganic.com and you can get your nicotine delivery without any other nonsense.

And electronic cigarettes aren’t just for cigarette smokers. People who enjoy the robust taste of a cigar can also switch over to the electronic cigarette. There are flavors that taste precisely like cigars and your Electronic cigarettes with organic nicotine strength would be just the same (if you want it to be) as that of a cigar. Cigar smokers can now feel free to enjoy what other smokers have been able to switch to, too.

Worried that your Electronic cigarettes with organic nicotine won’t be the same delivery as your conventional cigarette? iVapeOrganic.com has the latest electronic cigarette with the most up-to-date technology. The new Magnun Volt lets you adjust how much of a hit you will get. With the Magnum Volt, you can custom dial the voltage you want, anywhere from 3.0 to 6.0. That is a lot of voltage. They even recommend starting off at 3.0 and working your way up because of how strong the highest setting can be.

With the help of technology, we no longer have to settle for conventional cigarettes to deliver the nicotine we want. We can customize our own Electronic cigarettes with organic nicotine and have what we really want.


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